Why Robert Lindsey’s Passion Became The Key To His Success

Why Robert Lindsey’s Passion Became The Key To His Success

For Robert Lindsey, his passion lies in the arts. Since a young age, he has exhibited great skill in creating visuals on photoshop and ran forums for his favorite cartoons. As he grew older, Robert Lindsey aka Bobby Blakdout showed us what he is capable of. Through it all, he exhibited strength and determination to achieve his dreams and made the impossible possible. 

Leading A Passionate Life 

Robert Lindsey aka Bobby Blakdout, was Born in New York and raised in Florida.  Robert Lindsey had shown a passion for video and audio production early on. By the time he was 11, he was making skateboarding videos with his friends, building websites for the neighbors and helping aid in local political campaigns due to his proficiency in photoshop and HTML. 

Later in life after high school abruptly ended a year early, Robert Lindsey (known in the entertainment industry as Bobby Blakdout)  became a manager at a Nissan Dealership in Florida at 18 and later worked as a Finance Director.

After realizing he was unhappy in finance, Robert switched his focus causing him to leave the “workforce” to work with some of the biggest names in show business, including Academy Award Winners, Grammy Winners and RIAA Gold & Platinum Producers & Recording Artists.  This success propelled Robert into a decision to create an umbrella under his brand Blak’d Out, which included Blak’d Out Records and a media marketing agency known as Vertex Viral.

After 2015, he continued to hold positions in multiple Music Charts including Soundcloud Top 50 and Shazams Top 100 and released his first Label Mixtape which debuted the day his stepfather lost a valiente battle with cancer.  We think this may have affected Robert’s decision to cancel his 2017 Tour after his first appearance on the mainstage in Atlanta at a 3 stage electronic music festival.

Following Another Passion 

Other than the music, Robert Lindsey had many passions that he wanted to pursue. Since 2010, he has been interested in internet marketing and although he was working 2 jobs he was able to rent a small office in St Augustine Beach and started his first online digital media marketing firm which later officially became “Vertex Viral”, a brand by Blak’d Out.

Robert Lindsey further developed his skills in photoshop while adapting to learn more about the ever changing world of SEO and SEM.   Luckily, he found an opportunity to combine his passion for the arts and the digital world and with marketing.

Today, Robert Lindsey aka Bobby Blakdout is the Founder & chief operating officer of Blak’d Out . He also creates NFT art which is then sold online. By staying true to his passions, Robert Lindsey has achieved great success and satisfaction in the career that he leads.   Robert Lindsey aka Bobby Blakdout has also been known to help artists chart and gain much needed exposure via his digital marketing techniques, but had recently stopped taking demos after he went to Instagram stating “I am tired of wasting my time on people who need to be carried” which we can understand.

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