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Hire an Influencer

Have you been thinking of working with an online Influencer, model or brand affiliate?
There’s no questions social media influencers have become indispensable for brand campaigns, especially on Instagram.

So how do you come up with a fair price when there’s so many factors to consider?

Getting Down to the Numbers

It’s time for the specifics. On average, when asked how much businesses pay for sponsored Instagram posts:

66% report that they pay under $250 per post,

while 27% pay between $250 and $1000.

Influencer marketing is poised to become a key strategy for promoting your business and products on Instagram. In particular, we expect to see major growth in 2018 with micro-influencer marketing, which has shown to yield great results for businesses.

Partnering With Micro-Influencers (10K – 100K Followers)

According to our free report, The State of Instagram Marketing in 2018, only 22% of businesses currently partner with Instagram influencers, but it could grow to over 40% in 2018.

Consider advertisers that spend upwards of $5 million (excluding production costs) for a 30-second Super Bowl commercial to reach more than 100 million viewers — who may or may not be the brand’s target audience.

A rate of $1000 seemed to be the average price per single Instagram post among larger influencers with ~100k followers, so we decided to offer varying rates and additional services depending on the business’s needs.

Influencers with 2k-5k Followers
(Platform: Instagram)

Influencers with 5k-15k Followers
( Platform: Instagram)

Influencers with 10k-30k Followers
(Platform: Instagram)

Influencers with 30k-100k Followers
(Platform: Instagram)

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