Arist Adam Medvedev Is Making a Name for Himself in the Music Industry

Arist Adam Medvedev Is Making a Name for Himself in the Music Industry

Rising artist Adam Medvedev is quickly rising to fame in the music industry.  His single, “Numb”, has become a monster hit and has helped skyrocket his notability in the entertainment business.  The hit single has amassed thousands of plays on Spotify and is continually getting more and more popular.  Medvedev states that, “That song kind of just blew up.  The beat and vibe of the song was just really good and everything came together perfectly.  I didn’t expect it to get this big this fast, so I’m super grateful for that.  After we finished the song, I kind of felt that it definitely had big potential.”

 More and more fame has come Adam’s way after his hit song. The superstar music sensation has quickly gained a huge following on social media, garnering over 1 million followers on Tik Tok.  He has also accumulated over 300 thousand followers on his Instagram profile “Sneakz”. He states that, “My social media following has gone up tremendously.  I remember the days when I was just trying to get 10,000 followers on Instagram and now I’m aiming towards 400,000.  Everything has just been surreal and I’m extremely grateful for the platform that I have now.”

So, what’s next for Medvedev?  He recently released some music that’s primed to become big hits as well. His new single “Go” is starting to gain some notoriety already. He states about his future plans that, “Right now I’m just going to keep working hard and perfecting my craft.  I have a lot of big things and moves that are ahead. I feel really good about my single “Go”.  It has a catchy and upbeat kind of sound to it, so I think fans will definitely like it.  Everyone should stay tuned because there will be bigger projects soon.”  We wish Adam well on his journey as an artist. He has the makings to become the next big thing.

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