Amazon Best Selling Author Sonya Rene is planning on a new book!

Sonya Rene aka @SonyaSmokes on Instagram, who is a Bestselling Author on Amazon, says she plans on releasing another cookbook in 2022!

Sonya was born and raised in the sunny state on Florida and has 2 kids. She loves the beach, long hikes and nature! Sonya Rene is also a Bestselling Author on Amazon. Her book “Sweet 16” hit #1 on the Amazon best sellers list but she is often being confused with other authors and users with similar names or handles. She plans on releasing another cookbook in 2022 to help set herself apart from others like Sonya Renee Taylor who is also an author. The confusion makes it hard to find her on Instagram so we made sure to include her official Instagram in the release.

Her new book is unofficially announced and is said to be released sometime in 2022! We are excited to see the best selling author release a book so quickly after her #1 bestseller on Amazon titled “Sweet 16” which brought 16 fun and easy recipes “to the table” for lack of a better term.

Sonya Rene is not active on Facebook but you can connect with her on Instagram at which is her ONLY Official page! We will keep you up to date on new developments and updates about her new book which we are looking forward to

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