Make Sure Your Cannabis Clinic & Dispensary Is Market-Ready!

The cannabis industry is a highly competitive industry. If you’re looking into how to market your cannabis business, you’ll find there’s a bit more to it than that. 

Like all entrepreneurs, owners need to consistently promote and market their dispensary, clinic, practice or product.
“Promote or perish”, as they say.

Because the Feds (frustratingly) continue to classify cannabis as a Schedule I drug (deemed as dangerous as heroin), most major media properties do not allow businesses in our industry to advertise on their sites.

Sure, that presents challenges. But, nothing a little persistence or creativity can’t overcome. Even being in a tightly regulated industry, every obstetrical can be overcome.

We have a wide array of digital marketing tools at their disposal backed with a founder who has over 15 years of digital marketing experience in multiple verticals.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing encompasses all web-based or electronic communication between you — the brand — and your audience. Given the prominence of digital channels — particularly the importance search, social media, and mobile — people are consuming more digital media and less traditional media.

While traditional forms of promotion are unlikely to disappear (and many continue to be successful for dispensaries), it’s critical that digital strategies feature prominently in your overall marketing plan.

How Can It Help?

Digital marketing can help by providing channels to attract and capture new customers, as well as engage with existing customers. Attract new customers by using search engines, directories, social media, display advertising, and other marketing tactics to drive foot traffic to your store. When a customer visits your store, it’s your responsibility to deliver satisfactory customer service, and capture them as a repeat customer.

Due to many variables in the industry we do not offer “Standardized One Click to Buy” Marketing Packages.

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