Dyl, Drops his "Crypto Rich" NFT

The Platinum Recording Artist known as Dyl, Drops his “Crypto Rich” NFT

Dylan Rhodes, known as Dyl is a recording artist and entrepreneur from Philadelphia, PA. Dyl gained recognition in 2015 with the early success of Platinum hit single “Jordan Belfort” and accompanying tour performing 50+ shows across the US. Dyl invested in crypto during 2016-2017 and then began to bring crypto themes to the hip-hop space. After making one of the top songs about investing and trading, a crypto album seemed like the natural next step. 

Dyl released his debut album “Crypto Rich” in 2019, later realizing it was the first original crypto inspired music album ever published. Dyl is a pioneer in the independent hip-hop space, distributing his work through his label http://itslit.org and retaining 100% ownership of his music. “Keeping ownership of my album Crypto Rich allows me to make my NFTs any way I want. I get creative and financial control of my future content” says Dyl, who is now focused on his Crypto Rich Deluxe NFT. The NFT is a decentralized, tradable artwork with music that functions as a Lifetime VIP in Dyl’s collector community. Dyl’s Crypto Rich NFT includes ticketing features, physical merchandise shipments, future music NFT airdrops, and more.

“The NFT is a way to reward my early collectors for believing in the music” says Dyl, as he talks about the benefits of owning a Crypto Rich NFT “It’s more than just a collectible, it’s about building relationships.” Dyl wants to give his collectors access to exclusive experiences, content, and community. Dyl hopes the Crypto Rich album will bring hip-hop fans and artists to the crypto space in a unique and inspiring format. The album has already received significant attention, amassing over 2 million Spotify streams as Dyl’s monthly listeners approaches one million. Dyl is working to decentralize the music industry and show artists a way to fund content without needing access to a major label. Learn more about Dyl’s music and NFTs on his website at https://www.itslit.org/nft