In the event that you were tuned in amid NBA All-Star Weekend, you likely spotted Gucci Manemore than a couple of times on the sidelines. He was posted up with his better half Keyshia Ka’oir for a great part of the end of the week, blazing their new unrestrained gems buys. A week ago, Gucci Mane was gotten up to speed in some kid bolster dramatization with one of his exes who is asserting that Guwop refuses to hand over his budgetary archives. On the off chance that he doesn’t give his funds, there is no chance to get for the judge to appropriately decide a month to month sum for Sheena Evans to get to deal with her child. Presently, it seems like Gucci is reacting with subliminals on his social records.

The rapper shared a photograph of himself from Charlotte, sending a severe message in the subtitle. “I’ll never under any circumstance let a bitch blackmail me,” composed the Atlanta symbol. It’s conceivable that this post has nothing to do with Evans and the progressing tyke bolster fight yet the planning appears to be pretty spot on for it to simply be circumstantial.

Sheena Evans is searching for her youngster bolster installments to be changed from $2K to $20K every month. She is utilizing his $1 million wedding as evidence that his pay has fundamentally improved since his detainment. While that is likely valid, Gucci isn’t actually accelerating the procedure by coordinating with her requests.